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The national coronavirus crisis is greatly impacting MSU students. As the University has moved all classes online, some students have gone home to continue remote learning, or to practice social distancing. However, for some, MSU’s campus is their home.

Our FAME students are former foster youth, homeless, or are otherwise independent. This public health crisis has eliminated jobs these students depend on to meet their basic needs.

To support our FAME students during this time, we ask that you make a gift to The College of Social Science Emergency Fund which has been set up to help students in times of crisis. Funds designated for students in this fund will support those students in the FAME program (or who fall into the FAME category) during disruptions that have resulted from the spread of COVID-19.

FAME is a resource center for foster youth alumni attending MSU as well as for youth who were in kinship care, have experienced homelessness, or are otherwise independent. FAME exists to provide support and resources to these students during their time at MSU to help them be successful during their collegiate experience on MSU's campus and during their transition to becoming MSU alumni.

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